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Dr. Mohammad Bagher Farshineh Adl





Employee Information


Job title

Researcher of Honeybee & Silkworm Research Dept. of Animal Science Res. Inst. (Karaj)







Current Projects

1.                     The effect of different inbreeding system on some morphological – biological and drone laying characters in native honeybee of Iran.

2.                     Comparison of central Anatolian (A.m. anatoliaca), caucasian (A.m. caucasica) and Iranian (A.m. meda) honeybees with respect to the morphological characteristics.

3.                     Effect of supplementary feeding of the weight of resultant in queen rearing.







Biographical Information


Curriculum vitae


Name: Mohammad Bagher Farshineh Adl

Date of birth: January. 29th. 1961 (Naghadeh)


Address: Honeybee and Silkworm Res. Dept. Animal Science Res. Inst. Beheshti St.
                    P.O.Box : 31585 -1483, Karaj, Iran


E - mail: mbfarshineh@Yahoo.com



Tel: (+98) 261-4430010(work & Home)

Bsc: Ankara University, Agricultural faculty Department of Animal science (1986 - 1990)

MSC: Ankara University, Graduate school of Natural and Applied science (1990 - 1994)

Ph. D: Ankara University, Graduate school of Natural and Applied science (1994 - 1999)




·                      International Bee Research Association (IBRA)(since 1998)

·                      Member of special precommittee of honeybee and silkworm (since 1999)


Published papers in journals:


       1.           Farshineh Adl, M.B. 1999. The Iranian Apicultural situation in world. J. of Water – Soil – Machine. 53: 31-35

       2.            Farshineh Adl, M.B. 2000. The effect of Bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) in increase of pollination. J. of  Water – Soil – Machine. 54: 12-15


Published in conference proceedings:

1.                  Farshineh Adl, M.B. 1997. Effect of supplementary feeding of the weight of resultant in queen rearing. Proceedings of the 3th Iranian seminar. Tabriz, Iran:  7-9

2.                    Javaheri, S.D, S.A. Mirhadi, Gh. Tahmasbi, R. Bahraini, M.B. farshineh Adl, M. Talebi, N. Tajabadi, and M. Akhondi . 2001. A study on the utilization of protein supplements: soybean meal, cotton seed meal and sun flower seed meal in the rare time of pollen and effects of them on the population size and development of honeybee  (Apis mellifera L.) colonies. Proceedings of the 4th. Iranian honeybee seminar, 18-19 Jan., Karaj, Iran. (In Persian).

3.   Tahmasbi, Gh., M. Mousavifar, M. Khanjani, A. Pourmirza and M. Farshineh Adl. 2000. Protection of honeybee and insect pollinators against pesticides. Second nation conference on optimum utilization of chemical fertilizers & pesticides in agriculture: 57 - 58



Personal Interests:


·                      A study about relationship between beekeeping and environment

·                      A comparison of morphological characteristics of different subspecies honeybees    from Asian countries 

·                      A study in Bumble bee (Bombus terrestris) biology.

     (Possibility of using bumblebee in all of season)




Contact Information


Street Address

Dept. of Honeybee & Silkworm, Animal Science Research Institute of Iran, P.O. Box: 31585 -  1483, Karaj Iran


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My address is 123 Any Street, Somewhereville, USA 123123. Let me know if you need to see my portfolio, with examples of my writing and design work.


Mb farshineh@yahoo.com
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